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True security does not come in a box – it is engineered and customized for your specific needs. Oak Security Group manufactures and engineers solutions that work to resolve security challenges you encounter – every day.

Our breadth of hardware knowledge and years of experience provide a wide array of options for facilities, no matter how big or small the challenge may be. Oak gives you the peace of mind you deserve with solutions specifically designed for your needs

Oak Security Group works with personnel, maintenance contractors, and security operations to facilitate strategic locking hardware and operational security solutions. Whether that is door locking hardware, specialty cabinet locking hardware, Electronic Card Access solutions, ADA compliant “Green Energy” door operators, high security padlocks/hasps, key management software, or simply the sustainment of a customized Masterkey System, Oak Security Group professionals will be by your side, offering free assessments, surveys, and budgetary proposals to empower you to meet the ongoing security requirements of your facility.


Safety is of the utmost concern when it comes to our schools. We know that budget pressures exist and offer consultation to achieve appropriate security while working within your budget. That is why over 200 school districts trust Oak to be their partner in reaching their safety and security goals.

Oak gives your school the peace of mind you deserve with solutions specifically designed for:

  • Classroom Security
  • Classroom lockdown
  • Budget Pressure Solutions
  • Directional Indicators


These days, airport security is a top priority. In a high-stress environment, employees and travelers want the peace of mind that comes with a safe and secure environment. One of Oak’s biggest strengths is the ability to work directly with customers to recommend and customize solutions so you can provide the safest experience possible.

Correctional Facilities
Security is everything when it comes to correctional facilities, whether it’s a prison, a detention center, a juvenile center, or anything of the like. No matter how big or small it may be, Oak’s breadth of knowledge and experience can aid you in finding the solution to keep buildings secure at all points of the day, no matter the situation.

Government & Military Facilities
In addition to repairs, replacements, and general maintenance on high-traffic doors, security requires higher security solutions for priceless artifacts, storage, and data collection areas. With Oak Security Group these elements can be a coordinated, one-system approach, inclusive of your patented keying solution, which reduces key quantities, empowers operational efficiencies, and generally reduces confusion in accessing and/or securing these locations.

Oak Security Group is one of the leading Medeco Key Center’s nationally – the #1 recognized name in Federal Government high security keying.


Health care facilities need to be able to operate at all points of the day, and as a result, they should also be as safe as they can be during those times. Oak Security brings the highest quality products with industry leading experience to your medical facilities.

Office Buildings

Establishing a secure yet efficient work environment is critical to a well run company. Oak Security Group will listen to how you use your facility in order to provide the best consultation and solutions for any building or work environment.


Manufacturing facilities primary concerns are protecting assets and employees. We’ll work directly with you to create the custom solution that will give you the highest security with appropriate level of convenience, so you can focus on providing your customers with your own quality products.

Multi-Family Housing

Home means peace of mind, confidence and security. Whether it’s an apartment building, condominium complex, or any other multi-family housing facility, Oak’s extensive experience of working with property managers for years equips us to understand your needs.


Whether it’s water, electricity, or natural gas, the utilities industry is always evolving, which also means that the need for security is as important as ever. Oak is as dedicated to providing high quality products and custom solutions with industry leading service.

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