Oak Security Group

The Help You Need to Keep Your People Safe

With nearly 20 years of experience, Oak Security Group is a trusted manufacturer of high quality door lock hardware as well as versatile, custom master-keying systems. Oak prides itself in listening, building relationships and applying appropriate solutions. These long-term relationships help us to understand your needs and our extensive experience equips us to recommend the most effective products and services. We customize new systems or seamlessly integrate our solutions into existing systems, so you need not disrupt what you’ve carefully built.

Whether you work for an academic institution concerned with controlling access to classrooms and dormitories; a company that needs to maintain the security of your employees and confidential business information; a health care facility catering to the comfort and safety of patients and staff; or any other public or private institution, Oak has the experience to meet your needs like no one else can.

The Things We Are

  • Manufacturer & Seller of High Quality Keying Systems and Lock Hardware DIRECT TO YOU, the Customer

    No Distribution, No Middleman. No Games, only Results.

  • Experienced Consultants in Developing, Creating, & Maintaining Highly Sensitive, Customized Mechanical Access Control Solutions

    Industry leading Security practices concerning Master-key Security
  • Experts in Retrofit Solutions

    Extensive repository of “Best Practices” and Industry experience.
  • Supporting Labor Resource for Master-Keyed Cores & Keys

    Pressed for time or labor? Oak production is always there to support your core/key needs.

  • Your On Call Long Term Partner

    We’re there day in and day out, to help you maintain your keying system and door hardware challenges.

The Oak Experience

The Things You Get

Tangible Resources

  • Territory Manager
    Your face-to-face, on-site, support person, expert consultant, and challenge solver extraordinaire.
  • Customer Service
    Your highly knowledgeable advocate inside Oak Headquarters. Always a real person who is delighted to help you in whatever way they can.
  • Masterkey
    Your expert resource for developing a comprehensive keying system and strategy to meet specific facility needs, avoiding unintended system pitfalls, and providing for future growth. You also benefit from your codes being safeguarded and secured.
  • Production
    Your supporting labor resource for core pinning and key cutting during times of peak demand or whenever you need us.
  • Engineering
    Your resource for all things technical. You get Direct access to technical expertise related to products, application problem solving, and door preparation questions.

Experienced Considerate Consultants You Trust

  • We listen, hear your needs, and actively seek opportunities to solve your challenges

Solutions To Your Challenges

  • Door by door, Lock by lock, on-site Surveys & Inspections

  • Responsive, Holistic Solutions

  • Customized Mechanical Master-Keyed Access Control Codes

A Partner, In Oak, Who Is Committed To The Safety & Security Of Your Facilities and Your People

Why Oak

The Oak Difference

Uncompromising Responsiveness

  • Call or email for help? Real knowledgeable people always at the ready to respond to your needs, whether urgent or not.
  • No automated attendant… Just real people who are passionate about meeting your needs.

Partnered With, Not Sold To

  • Territory Managers and Customer Service listen to your needs, follow up appropriately, and solve your challenges with you.
  • Always recommend the right solution for you.

Accountable With Integrity

  • We stand behind our product and service, with unmatched sensitivity to any problems.

  • No Excuses.

Continuity Of Support For The Lifetime Of Keying Systems

Dependable, Consistent Pricing

  • No Hidden Costs or gotcha surprises.

Much More Than A Lock In A Box

if you have it, we’ve seen it.

Need a solution? Oak is your resource.