41SP Shrouded Series


  • Solid stainless steel case, combined with a stainless shackle provide industry leading corrosion protection for the most demanding environments.
  • Shrouded case design prevents shackle tampering.
  • Stainless steel ball bearing tumblers lock both heal and toe sides of shackle for maximum strength.
  • Available in non-key-retained (standard) and key-retained functions.
  • All Oak padlocks accept the Oak IC core, as well as other SFIC cores.
  • Uniquely tailored masterkey systems backed by extensive industry experienced system design and support.

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Shackle Dimensions: “D” = 3/8”, “Y” = 25/32”, “X” = 1”

Shackle Material:Stainless Steel (standard)

Case Dimensions:“W” = 2”, “H” = 3 5/64”, “T” = 1”

Case Material:Precision machined from stainless steel (standard).

Function:Non-key-retained (standard), optional key-retained field changeable.

Finishes:606(Satin Brass), 626(Satin Chrome), and 630 (Satin Stainless Steel)

Clevis & Chain:Case mounted brass clevis optional. Brass or steel chains available

IC Core:Compatible with Oak IC core, and all other SFIC cores.

Masterkeying:Tailored masterkey system set-up and design.