Health care facilities need to be able to operate at all points of the day, and as a result, they should also be as safe as they can be during those times. Oak Security brings the highest quality products with industry leading experience to your medical facilities.

The Oak team brings a wealth of experience in listening, building relationships and applying appropriate solutions. These long-term relationships help us to understand your needs, and our extensive experience equips us to recommend the most effective products and services. We customize new systems or seamlessly integrate our solutions into existing systems, so you need not disrupt what you’ve carefully built.

Oak Security Group is a trusted supplier of high quality, versatile masterkeying systems and security and door hardware.  Oak Security Group highly experienced free consultations allow hospitals to implement customized security solutions for their facilities. 

True security does not come in a box – it is engineered and customized for your specific needs.  Oak Security Group manufactures and engineers solutions that work to resolve security challenges you encounter – every day.

Our breadth of hardware knowledge and years of experience provide a wide array of options for hospitals, no matter how big or small the challenge may be. Oak gives you the peace of mind you deserve with solutions specifically designed for your needs

Oak Security Group works with hospital personnel, maintenance contractors, and security operations to facilitate strategic and coordinated locking hardware and operational security solutions.  Whether that is door locking hardware, specialty cabinet locking hardware, Electronic Card Access solutions, ADA compliant “Green Energy” door operators, high security padlocks/hasps, key management software, or simply sustainment of a customized Masterkey System, Oak Security Group professionals will be by your side, offering free assessments, surveys, and budgetary proposals to empower you to meet the ongoing security requirements of your facility.